AVaspo Video LT 2013


Chess Queen (2012)

The poem “Chess Queen” was born to Gabrielė Labanauskaitė in the year 2012, during the time of her internship in London. The artist spent most of her time at the British Library surrounded by the royal antiques doing research for her dissertation about drama narrative. This proved to be an inspiration to create a video for the poem „Chess Queen“, where day-to-day actions are dramatically charged and engulfed in an arcane aura.

The soundtrack for this moony and playful arrangement was created by Vladas Dieninis and Aivaras Ruzgas. The visuals were conceived by the video artist Solveiga Serova.

About AVaspo:

AVaspo collaborates with different artists to create poetry and video installations. The band is also involved in recording soundtracks for short films and playing live performances during screenings in silent film festivals.

The music of AVaspo, prompted to life by texts of playwright and poet Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, has never stagnated under one form of musical expression. Albums „Nėra okeano“(2009) and „Niagara“(2010) had delivered sounds of diverse musical style – including electronic, trip hop, space rock, psycountry, experimental-acoustic and more.