A sad waltz in d-minor Audio UK 2013


A Sad Waltz in D-Minor

How do I know any of this was real?

A Sad Waltz in D-Minor is the non-de-plume of Peter Bryant, who is a London-based, sound collage maker and musician. Using a bricoleur’s sensibility and a DIY approach to construction and editing, Peter improvises sounds, images and video, remixes and re-purposes them for his projects. He draws heavily on the abstract and concrete notions of found. Each track mixes new instrumentation/noise with found sounds dug up on ephemera like tapes or heard ‘out there’. This piece explores the idea of existing and engaging as a digital stranger in the online world and the consequences of taking things that are said and done at their word. It challenges what it means to construct an identity in the digital age. The voice is by Megan Rutledge.