Antony Maubert Audio FR/ES 2011


Antony Maubert is a self-taught electronic musician and composer. Came late to sound art and improvisation.

In 2001 he attended at the Ateliers UPIC (founded by Iannis Xenakis in Paris) where he focused on electronic music and a few years later he received the SACEM prize, then worked as music consultant for Les Gobelins (Paris), responsable of educational department at Cirm-Manca (Nice), and taught sound art and computer music from 2006 to 2010 at  CNRR of Nice.  Since 2010 he works as a free lance composer and sound artist.

His work covers a wild range of musical aspects : instrumental and electroacoustic composition, improvisation, fixed media work, live electronics, interactive sound installation, performance, stage and short film music.

His music is often a theater of analysis and deconstruction of modern society. His work Ce qui aura fait notre solitude (a reflection on men and science confronting nature), Religion du Travail (his first piece in a trilogy dedicated to mediatic and political discourse), and Insomniac (describing the acceptance of daily ordinary violence) are examples of the evocative strength of his work.

His installation work generally confronts borderless spaces, cross-cultural hybridity and identity.