Augusto Meijer Audio NL 2013


“Structures” is the result of a research composition project initiated by Augusto Meijer, during the Master of Music program at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Main focus: exploring creations of complex structures into sound, which are developed into a large number of varieties.

The goal is to achieve an improvement in the process of sound creation for Acousmatic works.

"Structures" has been presented at various occasions around the globe, including the International Computer Music Conference, Linux Audio conference, and more.

Augusto Meijer is an electronic music composer from the Netherlands.

He obtained a Master of Music degree at the Utrecht School of the Arts, after successfully completing the European Media Master of Arts degree. In this study, he focused strongly on electro-acoustic music, and composition techniques.

His compositions are presented at various occasions, including "Linux Audio Conferences", "International Computer Music Conferences", and many more.

He uses synthesizers and samplers to create his sound material. As a lover of analog/digital gear, he will never stop to expand and improve his beloved home-studio setup. For composing and sound processing, he uses various popular software environments. His work is strongly and inevitably based on personal experiences and fascinations.