David Mutch - Monica Dutta Video DE 2011


the artists hand is translated in a direct and immediate way not ordinarily associated with digital process and production. utilising the software in ways that could be seen as counter productive according to the values that have shaped its design, bar_code is born from an unpredictability that comes with stretching software so that it struggles with a task; the faulty short cut solution creating an animation which when played on loop, randomly shifts within its repetition. over extended time, the image is subject to an organic evolution imposed by the software itself but not determined or ‘coded’ in any way

the film draws on a bank of clips using random selection in response to viewer actions, the film itself will decide whether the viewer has seen enough of one section before moving on to the next. throughout the process of moving forward through the animation, the imagery itself begins to disintegrate, demonstrating that the viewer’s gestures effectively ‘erase’ the animation originally created by the artist’s gesture