Fiona Lee Wing Shan Audio HK 2011


Fiona Lee Wing Shan was born in Hong Kong,SAR China in 1987. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts, major in Critical Intermedia Laboratory in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2011. Her artworks were based on installation and performance.

Fiona’s recent art practices and inspirations come from her feelings of daily routine by exploring a place or community with the adventure attitude. Listening, as an important connection between the world and herself in order to feel the movement of every single moment . She loves to listen the sound from the nature , and yet, she addicted into the noise in the city in certain way. Therefore, she would like to expose her thought on the relationship between different dimensions of sound and herself in her artworks.
The sound performance “delight” & “Listen to my Journey in Taiwan” seems to be an extreme of the texture of sound, but she rather concerns on the power of sound in the performance. She believes creations of art world be the progress of exploring and accepting different kinds of possibilities of herself, also the relationship between herself and others, in order to share the multiplicity of life to the public.