Hugo Paquete Live PT 2013


Hugo Paquete (1979) Intermedia and sound artist, Master in Contemporary artistic creation in Universidade de Aveiro, Degree in Fine Art and New Media, ESAD.CR.

External collaborator in the CESEM - Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical.

Composição, interpretação, experimentação. CESEM: University NOVA of Lisbon

His research makes use of conceptualisations of space and microtonality as visual and audible ecosystems displaying spatial and psychological characteristics (acoustic, architectonic, sculptural, perspective, communicative, evocative and environmental).

The result is an audible interaction, open and indeterminate to the present time scales, nano and macro. Exploring territories of hyper-sensation and experimentation, enclosing (and observing) the body in the listening act. Reflecting in technology and functionality in a post functional aesthetic.

Applying technical practices ranging from field recording to computer-generated sound synthesizing and audio spatialization. Exploring stochastic possibilities of computer algorithmic and programming interaction with software in combination with object-oriented composition and performative expression.

object oriented composition and performative expression exploring noise, glitch, dynamism and dysfunctional aesthetics.

Paquete was resident artist in the ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, IMA | Institute for Music & Acoustics. He collaborated with the Lithuanian Artist Julijonas Urbonas to the development of the sound composition to the Talking Doors project that earn the Distinction in the Interactive Art category price Prix Ars Electronica 2010, and recommendation jury 14th Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan 2010 and honorary mention in the Media, Live 2011 Grand Prix, Turku, Finland.

In - Sonora VII Muestra de Arte Sonoro e Interactivo. Museu Rainha Sofia, Madrid, Espanha 2012. / Audiorama/Ars Acustica 4, Stockholm, Sweden. 2012. / SoundGate – A part of Port2010, Kunsten Museu, Utzon Centre and Platform4, Dinemark, 2011/ Festival Música Viva 2008-2009, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa –Portugal / 39- Imebconcours internationaux de Bourges Musiques electroacoustiques et arts electroniques 2009 –France / Zeppelin 2009 Sounds of power / Listening of fear. Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona –Spain / Art Tech Media 2009 and others