IKTA Audio UK  2013


IKTA was founded by Victoria Trinder to showcase experimental sound works. Interested in the use of analogue and digital technologies Trinder edits and manipulates field recordings using handmade contact microphones, audio recorders and musical kinetic sculptural objects. Using social networking platforms such as SoundCloud, Twitter and Tumblr, IKTA shared experimental sounds to an on-line community. In response to the communication with web users, IKTA began to accept sound works from an international community. This allowed for interaction that crossed cultural, academic and social boundaries. IKTA broadcasts, live improvised musical jam sessions featuring collaborators, Simon West, Rosie Stewart, Jack Stewart and Kate Ross. Radio listeners gain audio access to hour-long sound play sessions revealing the creative processes and methods explored by musicians and artists with varied levels of experience and skill. Together they use musical instruments, electronic beats and ‘home-made’ percussive objects consisting of motors and contact microphones.