John F. Barber Audio US 2014


Tunnel to another world

John F. Barber established Radio Nouspace in 2002, as part of Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge as a virtual environment aimed at experimenting with online, particioatory communities. He is a teacher in the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver, in Vancouver Washington. He operates and maintains Radio Nouspace (, a practice-based research project where he experiments with archiving and curating sounds associated with digital storytelling in both streaming and on demand formats within the context of a web-based radio station.

Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge now enjoys a physical location in an attractive gallery space in downtown Vancouver, Washingto, USA.

His sound work has been broadcast at Radio Art Festivals, Lisbon, Portugal and appeared in shows in Canada, Washington; Lisbon, Portugal; Berlin, Germany; and Macedonia.

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