Mario van Horrik, Petra Dubach  Live NL 2014


The Table Piece

Improvisations, Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik.

In 2009 Petra and Mario started their “Improvisations” project.

The concept is really simple: with a selection of instruments and objects on a table, they start off, and continue until the end.

Two mikes, two amp/speakers, a mixing board and a loop station are used to amplify and reproduce the sounds they create.

The instruments and objects Petra and Mario use are different every time and depend on, for example, what they can take with them.

During several concerts these last years the results evolved, and the end of the evolution is still a mystery.

So far Petra and Mario played their improvised concerts at:

2009: Gallery Kunstpraktijk, Veldhoven;

2010: Werkstatt Improvisierte Musik, Zürich;

2011: Extrapool, Nijmegen; Freitagsmusik, Hamburg;

2012: Hörbar, Hamburg; Kunstverein Duisburg; Clockbuilding Strijp S, Eindhoven;

2013: Lokaal 01, Breda; Skolska 28, Prague.

2014: Hear Me Festival, Ostrava; Galery Sklenena Louka, Brno; Audio Art Festival,


The press about Petra and Mario:

“Another boat of music weirdoes in the open sea with no familiar coordinates..... The only compass is their creative intuition. Let’s start this obscure journey based on the principle “the one who risks makes profit”....