Nils Potet Audio FR 2013/14



Nils Potet studied classical music then turned to electroacoustic composition. After he discovered microtonal music by listenning to composers like Yvan Wyschnegradsky, Julián Carrillo or Franck Christoph Yeznikian, he decided to explore in particular the synergies that can exist between electroacoustics and micro-intervals.

Reflets is a piece composed for a virtual instrument in quarter-tones created from the sound of a wine glass. The piece was written after two other works using a piano tuned in eight-tones.

In Reflets, the virtual instrument acts as a soloist, and develops a rhythm and melodic line in the specific harmonies of the quarter-tone system. The virtual instrument line is accompanied by a sort of mysterious and strange sound landscape in which it evolves and with whom it interacts.

« … s'échappe dans un monde lointain » (...escapes in a remote world) is a long piece in three parts (here is part one) conceived as the evocation of an imaginary sound world. The intention was to create an atmosphere made of sound layers and one-time events. This first part is built like a long crescendo with an accumulation of tensions that decrease only in the very last minute. One has the feeling this sound world is in constant motion, a world in which the listener is projected and lets their imagination run wild. The piece was created at GMVL in Lyon (France) as an installation where the audience could listen to the music, lying down in the dark.

Born in Grenoble (France), Nils Potet first studied classical music then turned to electroacoustic composition. His music has been broadcast at Soul International Computer Music, the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, and many others. He has just released his second CD “Liontaines résonances".