Piotr Tolmachov Live RU/BE 2011


Piotr Tolmachov

Die Maschinenanbeter

Collapsing Radioforce Mantras

My project centres around exploringof hypnotic side of various voice communications between flight operationofficers and pilots of US & EU strategic reconnaissance aircrafts like TR-1(U-2),SR-71 etc.

It is based on unique taperecordings that were made by my brother Sergei Tolmachov between 1988 and 1989,during military service in USSR Air Defence Forces near Oranienbaum (St. Petersburg).

It is all started in summerof 1987 when my brother, being a student of Moscow Institute of Physics andTechnology (MIPT), drafted into military service. That was the only year in thewhole history of MIPT when direct recruiting of students was allowed (thanks tothe wisdom decision of marshal Yazov). After half a year of mastering the protocollanguage of radio communication within US&EU Air Forces in Kaluga, he moved toOranienbaum to apply theory to practice. The result is this tape which is approximately60 minutes long and contains multiple radio communications that were recordedduring manoeuvres of American and European strategic aircrafts.