Soizic Lebrat Live FR 2014


Blue Solo

Soizic Lebrat. Artist musician, cellist. Born in Lyon in 1976. Lives in Nantes.

Trained as a classical musician (1st prize conservatory) and musical historian (Ph. D.). She extends her practices as an interpreter to those of improviser and composer, and develops devices of sound research-creation (Ope1000, La Fabrique de musique, Cellule de Bass). She plays solo (Bleu solo) and likes sharing creative experience with numerous musicians, dancers, poets, writers, visual artists and sound artists. Her goal is to create a playing environment that foster a spirit of collaboration and favor the development of a diversified form of composition. She has performed with Heddy Boubaker, Sophie Agnel, Guillaume Viltard, Joëlle Léandre, Jean-Marc Foussat, Guylaine Cosseron, Guillaume Séguron, Isabelle Duthoit, Didier Petit, Jenny Pickett, Mickaël Nick, Yuko Oshima, Mathias Delplanque...


A “comprovised” (combining “composed” and “improvised”) performance for solo acoustic cello placed in a lit setup.

The music is based on a monophonic sound, like the projected video, a monochromatic blue varying perpetually. The performer is placed within the projected image, eyes closed, taking cues from the flashing lights.

Bleu Solo received in 2014 the support of the Regional Council of Pays-de-la-Loire and the General Council of Loire-Atlantique.

Composition, improvisation, interpretation: Soizic Lebrat (cello) / Video: Yan Breuleux/ Costume: Sandra L’Hostis/ Set design: Marina Pirot