Soundson Audio FR 2013



Wiska Radkiewicz and Andrea Cohen have formed a Soundson Collective within which they have been collaborating on various audio projects as well as on pedagogical activities. These collaborative projects use their own on line platform for audio sharing and collective composition ( called Soundson.

As a collective, they produced radio works at French Public Radio (“Chere Toi”, “Correspondances”), and composed other collaborative radio pieces:

-A deux voix, moments

This piece was composed in a process of exchanging sonic letters as an attempt to create a poetic /musical language that carries the memory of past moments and, at the same time, constitutes an unique composition.

-City Soundings

To compose this collaborative work, we invited 14 sound artists from different countries to participate. Each artist recorded soundscapes in his/her respective cities. The final composition emerged after each participant modified the piece in the predetermined order.