Suguru Goto Audio FR 2013


Suguru Goto explores the extension of the potentialities in the relationship of man and machine. His performance exploits the interaction between the video images representing of the virtual bodies and the body of the performers on stage, which can transform these images into real-time, thanks to his BodySuit. A puzzle is created around the differences and of the resemblances between real body and virtual body. 

This work is based upon the concepts of Transhumanism, Androids and Post-humanity. The Japanese composer, media artist and performer, Suguru Goto who works at IRCAM, invented his controllers of gestures and other body continuations. This will present his neofuturist performance. Its synopsis could be as follows: a dancer lost his two feet in an accident, replaced by a machine. Thanks to it, he can from now on jump higher and run more quickly than the ordinary man. However, it has especially new choreographic capacities inaccessible to the common run of people… In his performance, Suguru Goto implements this extension of the man-machine relations and offers a state of the elements on the evolution of the human body and its cognitive capacities thanks to science and with technology. With its two dancers, Shu Okuno and Miki Tajima, he exploits the interaction between the video representation of virtual bodies and the real bodies which is presented on scene and, transform these images with BodySuit in real-time.