Teresa Matias Live PT/NL 2013


Teresa Matias

Since arriving to Amsterdam in 2007, Portuguese blockflute - aka blokfluit - player and performing artist Teresa Matias discovered a whole new aproach to her instrument, including computer interactive performance systems and extended techniques, like circular breathing.

Since then she has been focused on developing a one-woman-ensemble where she combines bass blokfluit models, voice, layering and sound manipulation, creating a "unconventional, very unique approach to the blokfluit".

Her original compositions are grounded somewhere between classical music and ambient music genres, in an organic, ethereal, multi-layered soundscape, delivered by both acoustic and electronic sources.

In her performances everything you hear is live, i.e., no pre-recorded sound are being used. Last year's highlights include solo performances at the Van Gogh Museum Friday Night Series, European Heritage Days and duo performances at Guimarães 2012 — European Capital of Culture and Gentse Festival.

Teresa is a former student of the Conservatorium van Amstedam, Utrechts Conservatorium and Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. During this years of education she focused on both early and contemporary music as well as on the improvisatory practices of both periods.