Upcycle Roundup Live KR 2014


Forest Disposition

Forest Disposition is a new piece by Upcycle Roundup, which was initially developed to aim to be performing in woods around sunset time. Upcycle Roundup listens and reacts to the sound of autumn forest by playing self-produced portable electronic instruments, which measures distance and senses changes of light and using them as core parameters to synthesize sound. It's an experiment about movement and placement as a way of live-composing to find a moment to correspond to each other and to the environment in situ.

During the concert, audiences are invited to play palm-sized light sensitive sound devices to be a part of the whole concert. After finishing outdoor performance on Sunday, performers and audiences install instruments on branches of trees, in between rocks, beneath the grounds, around the bushes.

The overall volume of the portable sound divides are not too loud to disturb individual sounds in the forest, such as footsteps, rustlings leaves, buzzing insects. Each sound should be discernable, so it permeates the time and space.

Stage performance using PA system on Saturday, outdoor performance in forest without PA system on Sunday.

Upcycle Roundup is a Seoul-based sound/media performance collective. Current members are Gangil Yi, Jiyeon Kim, SeonHyoung Kim, Changgyun Jung, Insook Bae and JeongHwan Kim. Performances include Seoul Art Spaces Mullae, Dimanche Rouge Festival (Tallin, Helsinki).